Gallery Links

  • Images:

    Chimerical Productions

    Contains tons 'o' pictures of the object of our lust: David Duchovny.

    The PA X-Files Site

    Has lots of David pictures, as well as some of Mitch.

    The X-Files Multimedia Archive

    Has a bunch of different stuff.


    This is where I get most of my pictures. They are divided by category: Scully, Mulder, Mulder and Scully, Gillian, and David.

    The Haven's Image Gallery

    This has everything. Movie images, episode images, promo pictures, ads, and much more.

  • Collages/Manipulated Images

    WoRLd of PhiLez

    A woman with a unique style.

    E's X-Page

    Erin makes gorgous, shippilious pictures.


    Different groups of collages.

    X-orcising My Demons

    Pictures by RaeLynn, one of my favorite artists.

    1999 DS